Capital Campaign

Capital Campaign

Proud Legacy - Future Promise:
The Campaign for Saint John School
In 2011 the school embarked on its first formal capital campaign.  A vision for the future which called for one campus for our entire school community challenged all associated with Saint John to make the vision a reality.  Possessing a proud history, Saints John School has gained the trust and confidence of the greater Ashtabula area as a school synonymous with excellence, leadership, service and faith. To generations of students whose families sacrificed to send them to Catholic school, it remains a transforming moment in their lives, a catalyst for the successes they enjoy today. We commit ourselves to ensuring the values and traditions of the past are as vibrant today as they were generations ago. We pay tribute to those who came before us by demanding a Heralds’ education remains accessible, transformative and equal to the challenges of our time.

As we write the next chapter in the proud Herald history, we focus on what matters most – remaining true to our core mission of faith, values, leadership, service and academic excellence. For the past five years 100% of our students have been accepted to the college of their choice. As we take great pride in our accomplishments, we also recognize the strategic challenges that stand in our way of our aspirations of excellence in all endeavors.


Phase I of  the campaign secured $1,000,000 in donations in order to transform the new site of Saint John School into a premier educational setting for our students in PreK-12. The facility enhancements needed will ensure that the new home of Saint John School will be well-equipped, technologically integrated, and provide the added-value services that are essential for a 21st century education. This phase was completed in 2013.
 Phase II of the campaign was to secure 4 million for a new addition at the new site providing for facility enhancement for athletic and student services. This will ensure that students at all grade levels have access for varsity and intramural programs.  This phase is 90% complete.
Phase III of the campaign is to secure 1,000,000 in Endowment support in order to provide enhanced tuition assistance and scholarships to the families of demonstrated financial need and merit. This would allow for an increase in assistance to students from middle class families and those of lesser means.


   The Future Is In Our Hands


Saint John School recognizes these goals and initiatives are ambitious, and achieving them will involve sacrifice. 


As the Sisters of Humility of Mary, lay faculty and our families did for us, so each of us is asked to do for others – to guarantee that a Herald’s education remains competitive, contemporary, and affordable. Let it be said of us that we made sure that the gift of a Herald education will continue transforming lives, and preparing our students to be people of Scholarship, Faith and Leadership.



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