Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff

Administration and Support Staff

Ms. Amanda Brace
Brace, Ms. Amanda
Guidance Department
Office: 440-997-5531
Ed. S. Community Counseling, Kent State University
M.Ed. School Counseling, Kent State University
B.S. Early Childhood Education, Kent State University 
Sister Maureen Burke SND
Burke SND, Sister Maureen
Office: 440-997-5531 x 228
Ed.D. Educational Leadership, Nova Southwestern University
M.A. Educational Administration, Baldwin Wallace
M.A. Political Science, Kent State University
Ms. Terri Chadowski
Chadowski, Ms. Terri
Director of Guidance
Office: 440-997-5531 x 235
B.S. Education, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
M.Ed. Guidance Counseling, Cleveland State University
Mr. Keith Corlew
Corlew, Mr. Keith
Director of Enrollment Management and Marketing
Office: 440-997-5531 x 226
B.A. Psychology and Human Resources, The University of Akron
Ms. Christy Garrod Kovacs
Garrod Kovacs, Ms. Christy
Director of Advancement
Office: 440-997-5531 x 223
B.S.in Education, Edinboro University
Mrs. Mary Ann Hartwell
Hartwell, Mrs. Mary Ann
Administrative Assistant
Office: 440-997-5531 x 222
Mr. Nick Iarocci
Iarocci, Mr. Nick
Athletic Director
Office: 440-997-5531 x 230
Mrs. Michelle Martino
Martino, Mrs. Michelle
Administrative Assistant
Office: 440-997-5531 x 221
Mrs. Laura Parise
Parise, Mrs. Laura
Assistant Principal
Office: 440-997-5531 x 269
B.S. Education, Youngstown State University 
M.Ed. Educational Leadership, Youngstown State University 
Mr. Scott Plescia
Plescia, Mr. Scott
Office: 440-997-5531 x 224
M.Ed. Educational Administration, Ursuline College
B.A. Theology and Philosophy, Franciscan University of Steubenville
Mrs. Nicole Steele
Steele, Mrs. Nicole
Guidance Department
Office: 440-997-5531 x 256
B.A., Kent State University
Mr. RJ Valentic
Valentic, Mr. RJ
Finance Director
Office: 440-997-5531 x 227
B.S. Business Administration and Finance, John Carroll University 

Teaching Faculty

Ms. Angela Ackley
Ackley, Ms. Angela
6th Grade Teacher
Office: 440.997.5531 X 280 
B.S. Elementary Education, Kent State University
M.S. Curriculum Instruction and Supervision, Youngstown State University
Mr. Ralph Bacon
Bacon, Mr. Ralph
Fine Arts Department
Office: 440-997-5531
Ms. Lesley Baker
Baker, Ms. Lesley
Science Department
Office: 440-997-5531 x 278
B.A. Science, Edinboro University
Ms. Hannah Bilek
Bilek, Ms. Hannah
3rd Grade Teacher
B.A. Early Childhood Education, Slippery Rock University
Ms. Julie Bloom
Bloom, Ms. Julie
5th Grade Teacher
Office: 440-997-5531 x 332
M.A. Education, Lake Erie College
B.S. Middle Childhood Education, Kent State University
B.S. Psychology, The Ohio State University
Ms. Jessica Bonning
Bonning, Ms. Jessica
Pre-Kindergarten Director
Office: 440-997-5531
B.A. Early Childhood Education, Cedarville University
Mrs. Lynda Campagne
Campagne, Mrs. Lynda
Mathematics Department
Office: 440-997-5531 x 290
B.S. Elementary Education, Walsh University
Mrs. Sandra Clough
Clough, Mrs. Sandra
English Department
Office: 440-997-5531 x 271
B.A. Education, Notre Dame College of Manchester
Class of 2020 Advisor
Mrs. Ashley Collins
Collins, Mrs. Ashley
5th Grade Teacher
Office: 440-997-5531
B.S. Elementary Education, Lake Erie College
Mrs. Bethanie Cox
Cox, Mrs. Bethanie
Classroom Aide
Ms. Maria Crookston
Crookston, Ms. Maria
Campus Minister
Office: 440-997-5531 x 344
B.A. Theology, Walsh University
B.S. Education, Walsh University
M.A. Pastoral Ministry, University of Dayton
Mr. Robert Dlwgosh
Dlwgosh, Mr. Robert
Social Studies and Religion Departments
Office: 440-997-5531 x 348
B.A. Political Science, University of Mount Union
Assistant Football Coach
Exchange Program Advisor
Mrs. Kelly Fuhrmann
Fuhrmann, Mrs. Kelly
6th Grade Teacher
B.A. Religious Studies, Hiram College
Educational License Math, Western Governors University  
Mrs. Laura Groce
Groce, Mrs. Laura
Title I Instructor
B.A. Psychology, Hiram College
B.S. Elementary Education, Kent State University
M.Ed. K-12 Reading, Youngstown State University 
Mrs. Linda Holler
Holler, Mrs. Linda
3rd Grade Teacher
Office: 440-997-5531 x 289
B.S. Environmental Science, Bowling Green State University
M.A. Environmental Science, Montclair State University
M.A. Elementary Education, Edinboro University
Ms. Stephanie Hornaman
Hornaman, Ms. Stephanie
Mathematics Department
B.S. Mathematics and Adolescent/Young Adult Education, John Carroll University
Mrs. Danielle Hoza
Hoza, Mrs. Danielle
Technology Department
Office: 440-997-5531
B.A. Communications, Ohio State University
Mrs. Lorie Hughes
Hughes, Mrs. Lorie
Classroom Aide
Office: 440-997-5531 x 358
B.A. Family Studies, Kent State University
Sister Sally Huston SND
Huston SND, Sister Sally
Mathematics Department
Office: 440-997-5531 x 360
B.S. in Chemistry and Mathematics, Notre Dame College
M.S. in Chemistry, Virginia Tech
M.A. in Theology, St. Thomas Aquinas, Rome
Mrs. Renee Incorvati
Incorvati, Mrs. Renee
2nd Grade Teacher
Office: 440-997-5531 x 364
B.A. Education, Cleveland State University
B.S. Business Management, University of Akron
Mrs. Nicole Jepson
Jepson, Mrs. Nicole
1st Grade Teacher
Office: 440-997-5531 x 376
B.S. Education, Walsh University
Mr. Scott Knisely
Knisely, Mr. Scott
Social Studies and Religion Departments
Office: 440-997-5531

B.A. History, Heidelberg University

Head Varsity Football Coach

Ms. Maggie Kohli
Kohli, Ms. Maggie
1st Grade Teacher
Office: 440-997-5531 x 368
B.S. Education, Kent State University
Mrs. Darlene Kovacs
Kovacs, Mrs. Darlene
Academic Advisor
Office: 440.997.5531 X 225 
B.S. Secondary Education, Miami University of Ohio
Ms. Caitlynn Leary
Leary, Ms. Caitlynn
4th Grade Teacher
B.A. Theatre, University of North Carolina Wilmington
B.F.A. Creative Writing, University of North Carolina
Mrs. Cheryl Longden
Longden, Mrs. Cheryl
Intervention Specialist
Mrs. Jane Mallory
Mallory, Mrs. Jane
Intervention Specialist
Office: 440-997-5531 x 250
Ms. Marilou McClimans
McClimans, Ms. Marilou
Social Studies/Religion Departments
Office: 440-997-5531 x 263
B.S. Ed., Youngstown State University
Class of 2021 Advisor
Yearbook Advisor
Mrs. Kristin Musacchio
Musacchio, Mrs. Kristin
Music Department
Office: 440.997.5531
B.A. English, Southern New Hampshire University 
M.A. English, Southern New Hampshire University
Mr. Dave Rozzo
Rozzo, Mr. Dave
Social Studies Department
Office: 440-997-5531 x 264
B.A. Baldwin Wallace College
Class of 2018 Advisor
Mrs. Vicki Ruscitto
Ruscitto, Mrs. Vicki
Intervention Specialist
Office: 440-997-5531 x 234
B.S. Special Education, Kent State University
Mrs. April Scafuro
Scafuro, Mrs. April
2nd Grade Teacher
Office: 440-997-5531 x 286
B.S. Elementary Education, Edinboro University
M.S. Elementary Reading and Literacy, Walden University
Mrs. Jennifer Shinault
Shinault, Mrs. Jennifer
Classroom Aide
Office: 440-997-5531 x 382
Mrs. Sharon Shinskey
Shinskey, Mrs. Sharon
Speech Therapist
Office: 440-997-5531 x 236
Mr. Moses Smith
Smith, Mr. Moses
Health and Physical Education Department
Office: 440.997.5531 
B.S Health and Physical Education, The University of Akron  
Mrs. Stacie Sturm
Sturm, Mrs. Stacie
Classroom Aide
Office: 440-997-5531 x 386
B.A., Kent State University
Ms. Amy Taggart
Taggart, Ms. Amy
Title I Instructor
B.S. 7-12 Language Arts Education, Youngstown State University
M.Ed. Secondary Education, Youngstown State University 
Mrs. Anna Thomas
Thomas, Mrs. Anna
Kindergarten Teacher
Office: 440-997-5531 x 390
B.A. Elementary Education, Kent State University
Mr. David Thorne
Thorne, Mr. David
World Language Department
Office: 440-997-5531
B.A. Spanish and Italian, Lake Erie College
Ms. Sara Turner
Turner, Ms. Sara
Science Department
Office: 440-997-5531
M.A. Education, John Carroll University
B.S. Biology, John Carroll University 
Mr. Seth Ungemach
Ungemach, Mr. Seth
Music Department
Office: 440.997.5531
B.M.E Music Education, Bowling Green State University 
Mrs. Kelly Vito
Vito, Mrs. Kelly
4th Grade Teacher
Office: 440-997-5531 x 287

B.A. Psychology, Kent State University
M.A. Education, John Carroll University

Mrs. Becky Ziemba
Ziemba, Mrs. Becky
Fine Arts Department
Office: 440-997-5531 x 396
B.A. Art Education, Notre Dame College
Ms. Millicent Zullo
Zullo, Ms. Millicent
Kindergarten Teacher
Office: 440-997-5531
B.A. Early Childhood Education, John Carroll University
M.A. Special Education, Edinboro University


Mr. Dale Clark
Clark, Mr. Dale
Mr. Mark Degennaro
Degennaro, Mr. Mark
Director of Maintenance
Mrs. Roseann Jones
Jones, Mrs. Roseann
Director of Food Services
Office: 440-997-5531 x 233
Mrs. Teresa Krumins
Krumins, Mrs. Teresa
Office: 440-997-5531
Massucci, Mrs. Dee
Office: 440.997.5531 
Ms. DeAnna Mercilliott
Mercilliott, Ms. DeAnna
School Nurse
Office: 440.997.5531  
Ms. Jen Rought
Rought, Ms. Jen
Mrs. Carol Washburn
Washburn, Mrs. Carol
Office: 440-997-5531

Contact Us

7911 Depot Road
Ashtabula, OH 44004
Phone: 440.997.5531
Fax: 440.998.1661

President – Sr. Maureen Burke, SND
Email: [email protected]

Principal – Mr. Scott Plescia
Email: [email protected]

Faculty and Staff

The faculty and staff of Saint John School are dedicated to the education of students.  All are certified by the State of Ohio and undergone all necessary background checks as required by law.
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