Monthly Prayer Partners

Monthly Prayer Partners

Prayer Partners

The following people are our prayer partners for the month of January.  They are being recognized for partnering with us for sharing their gifts of time, talent and/or treasure.  Some are held in special prayer for strength and healing from illness.  We will remember them by name during morning announcements and with a special prayer card.  We are all blessed, enriched and bettered by their involvement with Saint John School.    


January Prayer Partners

6-Jan     Paul Laurello

7-Jan     Rick & Kim Ryel

8-Jan     Charles & Martha Bodnar Anderson

9-Jan     Mike Davey

10-Jan   Pat & John Gilpin

13-Jan   Mr. & Mrs. Ed Galda

14-Jan   John & Sandra Brace

15-Jan   Dave & Carol Stenroos

16-Jan   Jerry & Tara Lamm

17-Jan   Steve & Sharla Urchek

21-Jan   Bob Dulak

22-Jan   Tom & Barb DeBarber

23-Jan   Jason & Amanda Tirotta

24-Jan   Ron & Martha Frank

27-Jan   Anthony & Sue Stocker

28-Jan   Bryan & Cathi Brace Badik

29-Jan   Bill & Gretchen Brosky

30-Jan   Rob Ranier

31-Jan   Dan & Candy Lloyd


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