Monthly Prayer Partners

Monthly Prayer Partners

Prayer Partners

Prayer Partners The following list of people are our prayer partners for the month of April.  They are being recognized for partnering with us using gifts of their time, talent and/or treasure.  We will remember them by name during morning announcements and with a special card. We are all blessed, enriched and bettered by their involvement with Saint John.      

April Prayer Partners

1-Apr     Mrs. Rita Tirrell

2-Apr     Mr. & Mrs. Dave Miller

3-Apr     Mr. Arnie Esterer

4-Apr     Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Grippi

5-Apr     Mr. & Mrs. Dwight Beebe

8-Apr     Mr. Bob Richie

9-Apr     Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Forinash

10-Apr  Ms. Cheryl Longden

11-Apr  Sisters of Notre Dame Education Office

12-Apr  Andrianne & Dan Publicover

16-Apr  Will & Jami Anderson

17-Apr  Mr. Scott Huggins

18-Apr  Chip & Sandi Blank

29-Apr  Ms. Eloise Coxe

30-Apr  Mr. & Mrs. Brian Henry

1-May   Ty & Kathy Vaux-Paden

2-May   Ms. Shantee Paden

3-May   Mr. Michael Tran

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