Monthly Prayer Partners

Monthly Prayer Partners

Prayer Partners

Prayer Partners

The following list of people are our Prayer Partners for the month of February.  They are recognized for partnering with us using gifts of their time, talent and/or treasure.  We will remember them by name during morning announcements and with a special card.  Please feel free to include them in your prayers as well. We are all blessed, enriched and bettered by their involvement with Saint John.     

February Prayer Partners

1-Feb                    Father David Brindling

4-Feb                    Father John Madden

5-Feb                    Father John Ettinger

6-Feb                    Sarah, Kyle & Charlotte Schreiber

7-Feb                    Pat & John Gilpin

8-Feb                    Coach Steve Urchek

11-Feb                  Mrs. Helen Nassief

12-Feb                  John & Lori DeCato

13-Feb                  Mr. Norman Ross

19-Feb                  Mr. & Mrs. Dwight Bowden

20-Feb                  Dave & Katie Forgus

21-Feb                  Mark & Joan Kahanca

22-Feb                  Laurie & Eric Schulze

25-Feb                  Lindsay & Chris Fuentes

26-Feb                  Mark & Shelly DeGennaro

27-Feb                  Jen Rought

28-Feb                  Dale Clark

1-Mar                    John & Cherie Rocco

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