Monthly Prayer Partners

Monthly Prayer Partners

Prayer Partners

Prayer Partners The following list of people are our prayer partners for August and September.  They are being recognized for partnering with us using gifts of their time, talent and/or treasure.  We will remember them by name during morning announcements and with a special card.  Please feel free to include them in your prayers as well.  We are all blessed, enriched and bettered by their involvement with Saint John.   

21-Aug                  Ms. Amanda Brace

22-Aug                  Ms. Hannah Bilek

23-Aug                  Mrs. Kelly Fuhrmann

26-Aug                  Mrs. Laura Groce

27-Aug                  Ms. Stephanie Hornaman

28-Aug                  Mr. Charlie Poulga

29-Aug                  Ms. Amy Taggart

30-Aug                  Bishop George Murry

3-Sep                    Jeff & Roberta Forinash

4-Sep                    Mrs. Lynn Egensperger/Mr. John Steadman

5-Sep                    Mr. & Mrs. Tom Pope

6-Sep                    Mr. & Mrs. Ron Koproski

9-Sep                    Mr. & Mrs. Tony Giancola

10-Sep                  Mr. & Mrs. Bill Poole

11-Sep                  Mr. Scott Huggins

12-Sep                  Mr. & Mrs. Mike Riley

13-Sep                  Mr. & Mrs. Terry Paradie

17-Sep                  Sister Kay O'Malley

18-Sep                  Mrs. Kelli Jones

19-Sep                  Mr. Larry Furey

20-Sep                  Mr. & Mrs. Chris Hagerty

23-Sep                  Mr. & Mrs. Byron Landolfi

24-Sep                  Nick & Lisa Iarocci

25-Sep                  Dr. & Mrs. Nick Wolsonovich

26-Sep                  Mr. Ray Simon

27-Sep                  Don & Jayne Koski

30-Sep                  Brook Benedict

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