EdChoice Update

EdChoice Update

Ed Choice Action Alert - WE NEED YOUR HELP

We are aware that the EdChoice situation is a frustrating one.  The information reported is not always the most current and is not always clear.  We are working with the diocese and the Ohio Catholic Conference to represent your rights as a parent to choose schools that are the best fit for your children.  There are many factors at play in this discussion.  Some of it is the political system at work, some are issues that deal with state budget issues, and some are educational issues that transcend school choice.  As Catholic schools we believe that parent should have choice in educational options.  You do this when you buy a house, you do it through open enrollment etc.  We value public schools and want all children to get a quality education.  So we will continue to speak out on your behalf.

This is a time sensitive issue so we can use your help NOW

What you can do to assist:
  1. If you have not already contacted your state representatives please do so.  CLICK HERE TO CONTACT YOUR STATE REPRESENTATIVES.
  2. Many of you have received notifications about testifying in person at the House hearings.  We certainly appreciate your willingness.  Some challenges with this process, hearings and testimonies are at times cancelled, changed, delayed without notice.  We also don’t know if they will let everyone who comes testify, or if they will ask questions that are beyond the scope of a parent testimony.  If you are willing please let me know, as well as contacting Larry Keough (614-578-5777) or Carolyn Jurkowitz (614-578-7107).  These two individuals represent  Catholic schools throughout the state and are coordinating and coaching anyone who will go before the committee.  I have told them I am willing to testify and that we have parents who are willing as well.
  3. Witness Statements:  We know that many may not be able to personally testify.  What can be done however, is to submit a witness statement.  PLEASE CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE WITNESS STATEMENT.   These should tell your personal story.  Speak to having already made a decision for school next year based on information given in January.  Why school choice is important to your family.  Do not make it a political fight or make it a public school vs Catholic school issue.   What has been the positive impact of the scholarship on families from your perspective.  Now is NOT the time to say that the scholarship amount should be higher or go off on a fact soapbox.  We need to communicate impact on people, including the people who thought they were going to be eligible for a scholarship for the 20-21 school year.   The House Bill number for the form is HB 166 – Ed choice.  Please send the witness statements to : [email protected]  Larry will make sure that they get to the committee.  
Please feel free to contact Sr. Maureen with any questions.  Sister will be in the office on Thursday, Friday and Monday (unless she is asked to come to Columbus).

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