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Welcome to Saint John School

Students with Special Needs

The Catholic school recognizes the beauty and potential inherent within each student. In an effort to foster continued growth, the school embraces the challenge to provide assistance and programs to serve students with special needs according to the resources available within/to the school. Parents are considered an integral part of the process.

In order to accommodate a student who has been evaluated for special learning needs, parents are obligated to share educational/psychological testing results and any resulting plan with the school upon application for registration. A student may be admitted on a probationary basis with dates and criteria of evaluation clearly established in writing. Failure to disclose known special educational needs will void the application for registration.

Special educational needs that are identified after a student has been accepted will be addressed in compliance to the rules of IDEA as apply to chartered nonpublic schools in the State of Ohio.

Students with disabilities are expected to follow the school’s policies and honor code.

Educational Resources

These resources may be available but they are not guaranteed. The availability is based on state funding and overall needs of the school community.

Auxiliary Services
The services of a school psychologist, guidance counselor, speech and language pathologist, an intervention teacher, and a nurse are available through Auxiliary Services Funding.

Speech, Language and Hearing Services
Children new to Saint John Catholic School are screened for language/speech problems. Children referred by the professional staff, parents or physicians are given a threshold hearing test. For students identified with speech, language or hearing problems, the therapist plans an individualized program and maintains parent and teacher contact.

Psychological Testing
A school psychologist is available for individual testing.  Testing will be conducted after other intervention approaches have been utilized.   Group guidance and family counseling opportunities are also available through third party groups.

Intervention Program
Individual and small group instruction is provided for children with special needs on all grade levels. A teacher certified in special education gives remedial instruction in the mobile educational unit. After the educational needs of students referred are assessed by the school psychologist, an individualized plan is drawn up, and periodic evaluation and parent conferences are held.
Jon Peterson
Saint John School participates in the State of Ohio Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship Program.  This program provides scholarships to students who are eligible to attend kindergarten through 12th grade and have an Individualized Education Program (IEP) from their district of residence. The amount of each scholarship will be based on the disability identified on the student’s IEP and will not exceed $27,000.  The funds from the scholarship are intended to cover the cost of services provided.   Only if there are additional funds available  will it be applied toward tuition payments.

To apply for a Peterson Scholarship, parents of eligible students must be accepted and register with Saint John School.