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Welcome to Saint John School


At Saint John School, we recognize the importance of technology in today's rapidly advancing world. Our commitment to integrating technology into education allows us to provide our students with the skills and knowledge they need to thrive in the digital age. This section of our website aims to provide information about the various technology resources, programs, and initiatives available to our students, parents, and staff.

Technology Infrastructure

Our state-of-the-art computer network and high-speed internet connectivity ensure a seamless and reliable technological experience for everyone on campus.

One-to-One Device Program

Saint John School operates a One-to-One Device program. Each student in Kindergarten through 2nd Grade is assigned an iPad for use in the classroom. Students in 3rd Grade through 12th Grade are assigned a Chromebook with students in grades 6-12 taking their Chromebooks home every day. 
Please note that students' devices meet the necessary specifications and are used responsibly for educational purposes. Security and safeguards are in place to monitor student use, filter content availability, and provide students with the security needed to protect them from inappropriate use of the internet.

Digital Learning

Our curriculum incorporates digital learning strategies and resources to engage students and foster critical thinking and creativity.
Students have access to online educational platforms, interactive learning tools, and digital libraries to supplement their classroom learning.

Technology Integration

Our teachers are skilled in integrating technology into their teaching methodologies, using interactive whiteboards, multimedia presentations, and educational apps to create dynamic and engaging lessons. We offer professional development opportunities for our staff to continuously enhance their technology skills and stay abreast of the latest educational technologies.

Cybersecurity and Digital Citizenship

We prioritize the safety and security of our students in the digital realm. Our comprehensive cybersecurity measures ensure a secure online environment.
We also emphasize digital citizenship, teaching students about responsible online behavior, digital etiquette, and the importance of protecting personal information. To support this citizenship, students are required to use Turnitin for significant written assignments is a vital component of our academic integrity policy and commitment to fostering a culture of originality and ethical scholarship. Turnitin is an online plagiarism and Artificial Intelligence (AI) detection tool that helps both students and faculty ensure the authenticity of written work. By submitting assignments through Turnitin, students are given the opportunity to review their work for unintentional similarities with other sources and make any necessary revisions before final submission. This platform provides a valuable learning experience by promoting critical thinking, research skills, and proper citation practices. Students can also benefit from the detailed similarity reports generated by Turnitin, which highlight areas that may require further attention and improvement. Embracing Turnitin as a standard practice not only helps uphold academic standards but also encourages a sense of fairness and respect among peers, ultimately enhancing the overall educational experience.

We believe that technology is a powerful tool that enhances learning, expands horizons, and prepares students for future success. We are proud to provide a technologically advanced environment where students can thrive and become responsible digital citizens.