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Welcome to Saint John School

Saint John has always relied on the support of others.  From the parish efforts in the 1800s to bring Catholic Education to the families in the area to Father Feicht and Msgr. Murphy working diligently to allow families to continue Catholic education through high school, it has been a community effort.  The stories of individuals collecting funds door to door, of Mrs. B selling raffle tickets are legendary.  Catholic Education is a gift from the church and to the church and society.

Catholic schools are good for children, families, communities, the nation, and the Church.  And today more than ever, they need our support.  Why should we champion Catholic schools?  Here are four reasons—and there are certainly more!

  1.   Catholic schools provide religious and moral formation in a world badly in need of Gospel values.
  2.    Catholic schools excel in offering high quality education, particularly to those most in need.
  3.   Catholic schools are the responsibility of the entire Catholic community.
  4.   Catholic schools are essential to the health of the Church and our democracy—they nurture the soul of our nation.



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