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Welcome to Saint John School

The mission of the Saint John School Counseling program is to provide resources, personal/social competencies as well as interventions and strategies for each student. Students are provided support to achieve their highest potential through academic success, social, emotional and spiritual growth.

The Saint John School Counseling program uses research-based and best practice modules that include individual planning and responsive services to promote student success in a faith-based setting.

Here are some things that a professional school counselor does:

    Work with individuals and groups

    Help identify needs of students (personal/social, academic, and career)

    Encourage better interpersonal relationships

    Promote positive attitudes and choices

     Assist with course selection and preparation for college

    Assist teachers and parents/guardians in helping students

    Assist people in making use of community resources and coordinate referrals to outside agencies

    Assist students with the process of developmental growth

    Develop and deliver in classroom guidance lessons

    Provide preventative services

    Maintain confidentiality

What are some reasons that a student might see the school counselor?

    “I'm getting picked on when riding the bus and I don't know what to do about it.”

    “My best friend isn't talking to me and it's making me feel really sad.”

    “When am I going to be in a Friendship Group?”

    “I am not sure what classes I should take next year”

    “I did a lot better on my last math test and I'm so excited to tell someone.”

    “I had a problem at lunch with my friends, and we need help to work it out.”

    “I get furious when my friends do not include me in their plans.  Can you help me find ways to deal with this?”

     “My parents don't understand the pressure i am under, how can I get them to let up?”

      “I am failing English and I think it's the teacher's fault.”


Guidance Department Staff:

Ms. Amanda Brace

Mrs. Marissa Nooney

Mrs. Nicole Steele