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Welcome to Saint John School

Capital Campaign

True to our Past ~ Committed to our Future: The Campaign for Saint John School will insure that a Herald education remains competitive, contemporary and affordable. This is our next step forward.

Saint John’s tradition of excellence continues to attract like-minded families who desire a faith-based education for their children.  Parents want a school that will enable students to Develop Scholarship, Deepen Faith and Inspire Leadership.

At this time, it is imperative to expand our facilities to meet the growth the Herald family is experiencing.  The legacy of our parish elementary schools and the opening of a high school in 1953 calls for us to be true to our past while insuring that Catholic education remains strong for the future.

The generosity of parents and alumni for the last 70 years inspires future generations of donors to support the mission of Saint John.

I ask you to pray and implore you to join the campaign for the future of Saint John School. We are humbled to be part of the mission, we are dedicated to current and future generations of Heralds and we are committed to being true to the past as we commit to the future.