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Welcome to Saint John School




This year we are excited to offer our families a photo sharing platform through a program called SmugMug. There is an app that can be downloaded on your mobile devices as well as going directly to the website  Photos can then be downloaded or shared digitally with family and friends.

The school as a whole will have a general password to access all school wide photos taken from various events. However, each class will have their own passcode as well for grade specific photos that are taken.

This is simply a way for families to access photos taken throughout the school year and are not to be used for profit or commercial purposes. Mrs. Call, our Photojournalism, Photography, & Yearbook teacher, will be managing this platform.

Please note, this is an intra-school platform and the photos will not be able to be viewed unless a person is given the code. If you do not want your child’s photo taken and available through this platform please let Mrs. Call know.

If you have any other questions, please contact Mrs. Call at


Directions to Access SmugMug