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Welcome to Saint John School

Philanthropy Board
Saint John School student Philanthropy Board is a part of The Ashtabula Foundation's Youth Philanthropy program which was initiated in 2010 with the idea to cultivate the next generation of philanthropists who would learn the values and attitudes that would enable them to see charity as a vital part of their lives.
As a participating high school, Saint John students under the direction of advisor, Mary Ann Hartwell, receives $5,000 from The Ashtabula Foundation. The student board then complete a grant process to solicit grant requests from local charities, including announcements in the newspaper of the availability of grant money.
After the grant process is complete, the Saint John's youth philanthropy board makes a report to the Board of Trustees of The Ashtabula Foundation.  Students have reported that the experience was very rewarding.  It gave them the opportunity to see what the needs are in the community and to learn about the agencies that provide services to those in need.  Students have also found opportunities to volunteer beyond their service on the youth philanthropy board.  They have led food and clothing drives to assist agencies that help those in need in their areas, or have volunteered their time to continue helping the various organizations.
Please contact board moderator, Mrs. Mary Ann Hartwell for more information.