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Welcome to Saint John School



The Value of a Saint John Education

A Saint John education is a valuable investment and not simply because of the quality of the education you’ll receive.  We are committed to providing you with an education that assists in the total formation of each student appropriate to their age.  We promote the individual care and concern for each student and offer a religious dimension that permeates the entire educational process.

Our curriculum is based on student engagement and encourages students to develop their curiosity and imagination in order to become lifelong learners.  

Here you’ll have the opportunity to truly get to know yourself as a young person — academically, spiritually and emotionally.  As a student here, you’re encouraged to take the time to discover who you are, what you love, and how to apply your knowledge.  At the same time, you’ll form life-long friends and gain a second family.   This combination of self-discovery, the importance of family and friendship is a hallmark of the Saint John Herald education, and is one of the ways that our graduates are prepared to thrive in a changing world.