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Cafeteria News

The cost of lunch for 2022-23 is $3.00 for PK-6 for PK-6 and $3.25 for grades 7-12.
Cost for breakfast PK-12 is $ 1.25
The federal program to provide breakfast and lunch at no cost has ended.  If your family meets the guidelines for free or reduced lunches you must apply.  Forms were sent home in July and are also posted on our school website.  The cost for reduced lunch is .40 and for breakfast is .30  Click here for the form to apply

We are no longer able to swerve “hungry man” lunches.  If a student wishes additional servings they may purchase items ala carte.
Cafeteria Is cashless.  Families may load money onto their account through FACTS or bring money/check to the office to load onto their account.  If you need assistance with how to access your FACTS cafeteria account please contact Mrs. Hartwell.  If a student comes to the cafeteria with cash they will be directed to the office to put the money on their account.  Reasons for this are:
We do not want students carrying money with them as it is easily misplaced or lost.
Cash transactions slow down the lunch line
It is more sanitary as students play with their cards.
Students misplace cards, do not remember their id etc.
If a student has no funds on their account we will provide lunch up to a $15 credit.  If that limit is exceeded, students will be sent to the office to call home.  Families receive an email from FACTS when your account reaches less than $5.

Cafeteria Use of Finger Scanning

We will begin using finger scans to process the payment of lunch instead of id cards.  This is a process similar to using your finger id when opening an Iphone or Tablet.  Please click here for a further explanation.

 USDA Non-Discrimination Information