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Welcome to Saint John School

A Saint John/Saints John & Paul Herald Hall of Fame has been established to recognize and celebrate the achievements of our Herald graduates and families who have contributed to society, to honor the history of the school and to inspire and encourage today’s students to strive to reach their personal goals.  A Herald alumni nominee must be graduated a minimum of ten years before being nominated.  

Families who are considered for family nomination are families who:
•    Are legacy families, i.e. more than one generation of the family has attended Saint John or
•    Have had more than 2-3 members of the family attend Saint John
•    The family has a whole has made a significant contribution of time, talent and treasure to the school

Nominations must be received by December 31st of each year.  Those not chosen will have their applications/resumes kept on file for future consideration. 

Members inducted each year are honored t a dinner held at the school


Family Inductions for the Saint John Hall of Fame

Wittenmeyer Family

Simon Family

Individual Members of the Saint John Hall of Fame

Denny Allan ‘67   

Mark Astorino ‘83

Richard Bartone ‘78 +

Jamie Beacom ‘86

Dwight Beebe

Janis Beebe

Nancy Benedict +

John Brace ‘60

Rosemary Severino Burr ‘63 

John Buskirk ‘93 +

Sandy Campagne ‘60 +

Albert Camplese ‘76

Don Cannell +

Carol Carney +

Jim Carney ‘92

Roland “Smokey” Cinciarelli +

Sr. Carol Cincerelli, HM ‘59

Edward Colin ‘60

Jayne Ann Colin-Currie ‘66

Tony Collette

Sr. Lucy Copek, HM ‘59

Steven Cress ‘66

Michael Crislip ‘76

Beth Washut D’Arcy ‘83

Joseph ‘60 & Mary Kay Welch DelPriore ‘60

Dr. Nicholas Detore '99

Nick Detore ‘72

Dario DiMare ‘76

Fran Dramis ‘66

Tom DiSalvatore '86

Wally Dunne

Tony Esposito +

Fr. Joseph Feicht +

Lawrence "Fritz" Ferrito +

Maria Czup Fowler ‘87

David Fowler

Rev. Michael Garvey ‘63

Gerry Giangola '77

Anthony Skip Giannell

Pat Giannell '75

Dixon Greenwood +

Charles Hague +

John Heidrich ‘79 +

Chad Johnson ‘03

Willaim “Billy" Johnson ‘68

Patrick Kilker ‘70

Ron Kister

Ray Knuth

Paul Kopko

Ronald J. Koproski

Tara Cimorell Lamm ‘73

Larry Laurello ‘77

Paul Laurello ‘81

Bonnie Massucci Laveck ‘60

O. James Lighthizer ‘64

John Mahoney +

Dan Mcginnis

Tom Meola '76

Jennifer McNabb Nufer ‘95

Urban Meyer ‘82

Msgr. William Murphy +

Todd Nagy

Margaret Napoli +

Helen Nassief

Todd Nassief '83

Victor Nelson ‘67

Esther Northrup

Larry Obhof ‘66

Renee Fedor Palagyi ‘68

Teresa Berrier Pope '76

Gene Pushic

Ron Raymond +

Frank “Butch” Reda +

Sr. Zoe Ann Reiter ‘59

William Skip Richards

Al Rocco +

John Rocco ‘76

Frank Roskovics ‘67 +

John Shouvlin

Louis & Madeline Simon +

Sr. Elizabeth Staudt, HM +

Elizabeth “Betty” Stofko ‘58 +

Joanne David Styles +

Todd Teter ‘79

Glen Thomas ‘77

Roberta Thornton +

Rosemary Guerini Timonere '64 

Jim Timonere ‘95

Sr. Maureen Tighe-Brown ‘59

Pete Tulino ‘73

Louis Valentic '74

Nelson Wittenmyer Esq '83